CB Repertory Origins

Crossing Borders Repertory

Our muse and our role model, Peggy Garrison touched so many people during her full life of teaching, mentoring and most importantly writing.

She fervently believed that our words, whether poems, stories, plays, memoirs or simple open conversation, could heal us and quiet the world. She didn’t understand why people created walls to separate us and never shied away from trying to bring them down.

To honor her and to ensure that Peggy’s words never grow silent, Crossing Borders Repertory is launching to provide a place for Peggy’s works to be heard and for her border-crossing-wall-razing work to continue. After a lifetime of trying, with success, to get her writing out into the world, she was dedicated to instructing, encouraging and enabling others to do the same. From that mission P&Q Press, a small press publisher of poetry anthologies and chapbooks, was born. Peggy wanted to publish writers who might not have other opportunities to be published along with writers who were on a journey similar to hers.

Crossing Borders Repertory is starting small—producing quarterly programs of original drama, poetry and prose in reading format. We will always include Garrison’s work, but beyond that our primary goal is to promote and encourage new voices—voices that need a first or second opportunity to be heard so that they can grow and become strong.

Crossing Borders

Our name also suggests the type of work we want to produce. Topics that either directly or indirectly involve crossing various types of borders between people: countries, religions, generations, life-stages and economic, gender or racial differences—and the walls that must come down to allow crossing—stereotypes, prejudices, hatred and blindly held customs.

In a tangible sense we also want to cross borders by producing each program in multiple venues and to different audiences—initially we are planning for Greenwich Village and Harlem locations.